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19-Dec-2017 08:30

Countries are self-organized and human-negotiated patterns; AIs and robots are human-engineered patterns of hardware and software, with self-organized patterns of perception, action and understanding in their minds. It’s not hard to program a robot to answer a test based on rote memory.

Given the causal power that “country” patterns have on the Earth today, getting ethically-positive robot/AI patterns synced in with country patterns is an important part of the path toward engineering and evolving a positive Technological Singularity. But the Saudis involved with it made their own qualitative assessment of Sophia’s capabilities. Of course, just because a robot can answer a question successfully, that doesn’t mean the robot fully understands all the answer she’s giving.

As Sophia evolves, develops and learns, she will be a prime test case and demonstration of what Singularity NET can do.

For basic information on Singularity NET, see the project website, Singularity .

At the same time, the Sophia robot I’ve been working on at Hanson Robotics has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Singularity NET is a decentralized open market for AIs — intended both to help foster advanced Artificial General Intelligence, and to provide a better way for developers of AI code to share and monetize their work, and for users of AI to find a diversity of services.

It also has a humanitarian motive — to make sure AI is developed in a way that benefits everyone on the planet, thus maximizing compassion now and also increasing the odds of a positive Singularity down the road.

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But she doesn’t have general intelligence or a sense of self to the level that people do, yet — nowhere near.And all the interesting things in Star Trek got me started reading SF stories and novels and so forth.

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