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The acquisition section is out of date, sansa security needs adding to the list.See (talk) , 17 September 2015 (UTC) The article contains the text: "ARM also supply chips for all common network related technologies in smartphones ..." I suggest instead: "ARM's designs are also used in many common network related technologies in smartphones ..." Reason: ARM does not supply chips.

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I found this section confusing, hoping this is a quick fix for someone who is well-informed: -- "ARM licenses their instruction sets, allowing the licensees to design their own cores that implement one of those instruction sets.

topic=/architecture/index.html, and the documents to which it points you, and fix https://com/products/architecture as well, before you do anything about "ARM architecture" or tell others to do anything about "ARM architecture", because, unless the architecture doesn't count under "anything else", or "we" doesn't refer to "Arm Holdings", "we" aren't "[using] Arm" in that context yet.

Guy Harris (talk) , 3 August 2017 (UTC)For now, I skipped over Wikipedia related issues, and decided to do a trademark search.When talking about our product or anything else, we use Arm. there is only the once instance where it is used uppercase which is mentioned earlier, but should be ignored unless it is exactly that phrase and context.

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