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The distinctive features and the indigenous status of the Khoisan in the region where they are most numerous, the Cape, also results in an assumption of certain ancestry derived from this group. But the recent massive paper surveying African genetics, The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans, there is data on Cape Coloureds which is highly informative. K = 14 using the Structure software to break apart ancestry by K number of ancestral populations.The African American populations on the right are rather straightforward, the orange corresponds mostly to African ancestry, the magenta blue to European.Mr Davies said: 'This has to be one of the most spectacular sightings I have ever had.It was only the second caracal I have ever seen in the wild and to see the interaction with another rare cat makes even more extraordinary.'My friend, Simon, and I had spotted the caracal lying up at the base of the large camel thorn, staring up into the branches.'We thought it was watching birds flying around in the tree, but on closer inspection we noticed there was an African wildcat perched high up in the branches.'The caracal made a move towards the wildcat and the wildcat performed a death-defying dive from the 15m high camel thorn, landed on all four paws on the ground, but the caracal was not far behind.'It took a few steps down the tree and then launched itself after the wildcat.

The left column represents the average proportion of ancestry for the whole population from the set of K ancestral groups, while to the right you see the variance within the population from individual to individual as they vary in ancestral quanta.To understand this we need to look at a wider range of populations.Below is a figure I generated by slicing and dicing a set of populations from another part of figure 6 which have particular relevance to illuminating the ancestry of the Cape Coloureds.But listening to Tatum Keshwar on You Tube it sounds like she speaks English with an Afrikaans accent, strongly suggesting Coloured cultural background.

She also refers to going on a modeling job to India (naturally, she looks like a lot of Indian models, so it would be a good fit), but she doesn’t talk about India like a “Non-resident Indian” might from what I can tell, alluding to how “exotic” it is and not mentioning any family connection.

In contrast both Cape Coloureds and African Americans are byproducts of much more recent admixture events, on the order of 200-300 years at most (generally less), and so manifest far more within population variance in ancestral quanta.

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