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20-Nov-2017 22:43

The first genetically modified crops were commercialized in the 1990s. In fact, the USDA has already ruled that certain uses of CRISPR-Cas technology, such as keeping mushrooms from turning brown, will not be regulated as GMOs.

In 2012, a huge scientific breakthrough changed what is possible yet again. (CRISPR is the guide that controls the precise gene editing.

“This is not science fiction,” says Tad Sonstegard, chief scientific officer for Acceligen, the food application arm of Recombinetics.

“You can bring any trait into your favorite livestock breed without doing cross breeding.

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Areas of the genome linked to specific traits can now be precisely edited. Gene editing could eventually provide a catalog of options for farmers to order exactly what they need. Today, those companies realize they need strategic plans to educate both farmers and consumers about the benefits of this technology.

“This could have a significant impact on animal welfare,” says Prather. “There are physiological and emotional costs of these diseases, as well as economic, when they hit family farms,” he explains. Now, everybody runs around with smartphones without giving them a second thought.” Using genetically engineered animal organs to save lives in humans (xenotransplantation) is the Holy Grail.

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