Ex jehovah's witnesses dating sites

28-Sep-2017 13:11

Expert Custody Consultants, “The Best In Jehovah’s Witness Case Strategy.” This website is home to Duane Magnani, the author of thirty published books and manuals.

He is the creator and researcher for three popular videos and many shorter studies on the subject of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Critics were initially tough on the founder (“Cedars”) and gave both the site and the survey little support.

Offers a broad selection of news, commentary, and multimedia.

It includes reviews of JW books, other websites, and videos.

It also exposes current Watchtower scandals and misrepresentations.

Besides being educational in a broader sense, the site publishes and points to real life accounts of abuse, shunning, and mistreatment of current and former Jehovah’s Witneses who want to be free of a truly dangerous cult.

The site has a limited collection of older (before 2000) publications and internal letters and documents that are hard to find from any other resource.All have volunteered their time and energies in an effort to bring about an end to a tragic and misguided policy that has claimed thousands of lives, many of them children.

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