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If you’re purchasing a new monitor today, consider getting a monitor with ULMB, as it is much easier to enable ULMB than Light Boost.Stationary Camera: Capture of Pixel Transitions A stationary camera is good for photographing pixel transitions statically.The motion blur improvements of going to Light Boost=10% only benefits the fastest motion, such as FPS gaming.If you thought Light Boost was too bright for your eyes anyway, lowering the Light Boost % setting is an excellent way to reduce brightness while gaining further motion clarity benefits.For display manufacturers: We hope that upcoming strobe-backlight monitors (e.g.EIZO, BENQ, G-SYNC) allow a strobe-length adjustment via menus, as a method of adjusting brightness, in a brightness-versus-clarity tradeoff.

This is consistent with perceived motion blur by human eyes when you are viewing on a Light Boost monitor, experimenting with it at various different refresh rates as well as various different Light Boost settings: For display users: It is a user preference in adjusting motion clarity vs brightness.

This is since different Light Boost % settings create different brightnesses when seen by eyes.

Light Boost=10% is much darker than Light Boost=100%.

These UFO objects below were moving horizontally at 960 pixels per second, at a frame rate matching refresh rate, on an ASUS VG278H LCD.

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These close-up pictures were taken using a pursuit camera at 1/30sec exposure on Test UFO: Ghosting, exposing multiple refreshes into same photo.

It is very a simple engineering feature to permit the strobe flash length in a strobe backlight monitor to be adjustable.

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