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1291) Bartholomaeus de Anleo (Bartolom de Anleo, d. ) Bartholomaeus de Barberiis, see: Bartholomaeus Barbieri Bartholomaeus de Bohemia (d. 1371) Bartholomaeus de Jano (Bartolomeo di Giano/Bartolomeo Apona, d. early 17 cent.) Bartholomaeus de Monte (Bartolomeo Maria dal Monte, d. 1391/93) Bartholomaeus de Vecchis (Bartolomeo da Bologna, d. [REF: Wadding, 38; Sbar., Suppl., I, 122; DTC, VI/2, 1384] Commentaria in Evangelia Marci et Matthei? M., Minerva, 1964))[Bartholomaei Anglici de Genuinis Rerum Coelestium Terrestrium et Inferarium Proprietatibus Libri XVIII]; Bartholomaeus Anglicus, Batman vppon Bartholome. Scritture tecniche e scientifiche in volgari (secoli XIII-XV). 8785 e i suoi descritti quattrocenteschi, in: Lo scaffale della biblioteca, 123-140; Giuseppa Zita Zanichelli, Tradurre le immagini: le scelte illustrative della traduzione in volgare mantovano di Bartolomeo Anglico, in: Lo scaffale della biblioteca, 141-157; Marek Tamm, Les signes d'alterit. Active in Bologna between 12, where he, probably as regent lector, produced a series of sermons de sanctis and de tempore and several quaestiones on the glorified Virgin Mary. See Doucet, 137.] Quaestiones Disputatae de Primo Principio et Creatione [12]: Quaestiones Disputatae de Fide [5]: Florence, Laurenziana, Plut. 8 Quaestiones Disputatae de Anima [5]: Florence, Laurenziana, Plut. 8 Quaestiones Disputatae de Assumptione Virginis [2]: Florence, Laurenziana, Plut. 8 Tractatus de Luce [used to be ascribed to Pecham]: editions: Tractatus de luce fr. The work makes use of the Oxford physical theories of light and attaches moral considerations to them. Weisweiler, Opuscula et Textus IX (Mnster, 1952); C. The first seven chapters in particular provide a lengthy exposition on the character of Divine Love and its workings in man. Mollat (Paris, 1928) II, 472-473, 804, 806 & IV, 299-301; F. In 1446, at the general chapter held at Rome under Givanni da Capistrano, Bartolomeo was elected guardian of the Aracoeli convent; a position he was to keep for three terms. Taught theology at the latter and obtained a reputation as theologian and apostolic preacher. Died in the San Francisco de Asis friary of Palma on November 18, 1788 at the age of 97. Raymondi Lullii doctoris illuminati (...) (Salamanca: Nicolaus Josephus Villargordo, 1746). On 15 October 1390, pope Boniface IX appoints Bartolomeo to the see of Limassol on Cyprus (BF VII, no. As bishop of Limassol, he can be traced in Perugia in August 1399, and in October 1400, when Boniface IX authorizes him to excommunicate people who had illegally appropriated possessions pertaining to the Benedictine San Pietro monastery at Perugia. Franciscanum (Vicenza, 1939); Idem, Martirologo francescano (Vatican City, 1946), 243; A. Giacomo della Marca a Terni', AFH, 49 (1956), 121; Teetaert, Dict. to be continued editions Philosophia ad Mentem Scoti Cursus Integer (Venice, 1678) [Earlier editions of parts of this work: Venice, 1637& 1647 Scotus et Scotistae Bellutus et Mastrius Expurgati a Probrosis Querelis Ferchialis (1650). Costa, Motivi filosofici nel dissenso tra lo scotista B. Directed against the Systme chronologique written by Fr. … continue reading »

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