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When a character's supposed insecurities or embarrassing quirks are supposed to inspire sympathy, but fail to impress the audience because they're mishandled or plain written badly.

Donkey Kong Country also saw the appearance of the elderly Cranky Kong, who was the original Donkey Kong from the older Arcade games.

Note in this case that the "unintentionally" is an important part of this trope: if the excuse the villain makes is flimsy , it's likely not this trope.

Often a problem with The Scrappy and some varieties of Mary Sue. A badly done Jerkass Woobie can also be a target of this.

However, Baby DK meets the Yoshis and greatly helps them in their quest to defeat the Koopa Troop.

When riding on a Yoshi's back, Baby Donkey Kong helps the Yoshis perform many special moves, such as climbing vines and charging.

This article is about the character Donkey Kong, as of Donkey Kong Country. For other uses of the name "Donkey Kong", see Donkey Kong (disambiguation).

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