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Mike Chapman, Achilles (2004), about Achilles; based on ancient Greek legends; self-published. Lindsay Clarke, The Return from Troy (2005), about the homecoming of Greek leaders who fought in the Trojan War.Alexander Cole, Colossus (2014), about a mahout whose courage in facing a rampaging war elephant impresses Alexander the Great.Christian Cameron, Tyrant (2008), about an Athenian soldier who must become a mercenary after he is exiled from Athens; #1 in the Tyrant series.

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Alexander the Great, the fourth century Macedonian warrior-king who conquered most of the world known to the Greeks of his day, is still recalled in the Middle East and beyond with tales praising him as an ancestor or reviling him as a devil. Gertrude Atherton, The Immortal Marriage (1927), about Aspasia and her relationship with Pericles in ancient Athens.

Review Christian Cameron, Destroyer of Cities (2013), about a king and his sister who are allies of Rhodes as Alexander's successor Demetrius begins a campaign to conquer Rhodes in 306 B. Review Christian Cameron, Force of Kings (2014), about twin rulers who after Alexander's death must make a risky decision to ally themselves with one or another of his warring former generals; #6 in the Tyrant series.

Christian Cameron, Killer of Men (2010), about a Greek farm boy enslaved after a battle who vows vengeance as Persian armies threaten Greece; #1 in the Long War series.

Review Christian Cameron, Salamis (2016), about about a Greek sea captain who fights in the Battle of Salamis; #5 in the Long War series.

Review Christian Cameron, The Rage of Ares (2016), about a Greek warrior who fights in the Battle of Plataea; #6 and last in the Long War series.

Christian Cameron, God of War (2012, titled Alexander: God of War in the U.