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06-Aug-2017 00:48

There’s no quick-fix technique in getting a fuck-buddy to come back for more sex [at least, I haven’t discovered it yet].

She is fucking other guys and probably have a boyfriend as you might have known, so there exist variables which change the dynamics of time and when and why she would crawl back.

It wasn’t “hooked” neither some crazy-ass irrational infatuation of sorts, nor was it ONE-itis being that I didn’t want this girl for myself as in an exclusive situation. Shoot me a txt before you pass by so I can get this place in order”. Our nefarious fling continued for 2 weeks or so- then ended…as expected.

I could care less that she was fucking other guys and had a boyfriend. Now, this particular girl and I have been fucking on and off for the past 5 years: 2 weeks on, 9 months off, 2 weeks on, 6 months off, a week on, 8 months off, etc.

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