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Thorpe, and has tended not a little towards awakening a taste for that tongue long so TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE. gr nearlying, but fyrstr (or fyztr) from the old for or fur before, staerstr (or sta? where it has the sound of S, dependant how- ever on thi preceding letter (34). of koina, ris-tu of n'sa to rise, at the end of syllables it is never found except when written instead of ff (35.) Reading.

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V just so many mints for forging- base and barbarous words, some of which are continually becoming current in the mouths of those who have not taste enough to distinguish gold from brass; and as to the efforts of the Age to bring about a better state of tilings, they are, and will remain as good as useless so long as the main remedy is neglected. augna hjartna In the same way are declined eyra ear, lunga lung, eysta, testicle, hno Sa ball of thread, bjuga sausage, nyra kidney, as well as some foreign words; e.g. is the ending, of which mention has been already made (74.); it however takes place only in the word hjarta, because none of the others have a in the chief syll.