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The plug used on the ICOM is a four-conductor 3.5mm unit.RT Systems part number CT-53R fit the bill, and it came with the wires already molded in place. The same plug is used on camcorders, so your local video shop will have cables that you can cannibalize.Using an ohmmeter on the ICOM adaptor, I found the connections to the plug were as follows: Unlike earlier ICOM handhelds, the IC-A5 PTT switch operates in a standard aircraft fashion: Ground the PTT to transmit.The earphone jack is a standard " phono jack, but the microphone jack is slightly smaller and only available through aviation sources.

By turning the ICOM volume control to maximum prior to installation, I'd be able to control the headset volume with a panel-mounted 10K potentiometer from the local mall electronics store.Be advised, though, that incorrect wiring of this pot can damage the radio. A ground wire goes to one of the outer lugs, and the earphone wire from the radio goes to the OTHER outside lug.The headset jack itself is then wired from the ground and the MIDDLE lug.When I told the guys on the Fly Baby mailing list that my next magazine article would be about how to mount a handheld radio in the panel of an aircraft, some were a bit skeptical.

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Harry Fenton commented, "If you can write an entire article on slapping a piece of Velcro between the radio and the panel, you deserve every cent that you are paid!

It came with a long, coiled cord ending in a cigarette lighter plug.