Updating xbox 360 arcade

28-Aug-2017 21:25

updating xbox 360 arcade-58

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And I have a couple controllers about half way done, with another five planned out.

* Attributes & Brands - Switches variety image added and other button images moved around; description of long switches added; buttons Engage and Throw Distance subsection added; Plunger Shape in buttons chart replaced with Engage Distance; more button modding options noted; note about mixing Seimitsu clear, tinted, and pearl plunger faces added; detailed description of Seimitsu long switch mod added.

If you have any contributions, corrections, requests, or other suggestions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

If you have any controller questions not associated with specific subjects in this site, unfortunately you will probably not receive a response as I have given about all my knowledge of arcade joystick controllers in this document.

20 Well, sometimes your life can get caught up in many things, and you don't have time for updating your website.

But now as I look across much of my website, I see a ton of things that can be improved, and maybe the time away helped in recognizing them.

* PCB & Wiring - PCB Attributes subsection split to PCB Components Modification and Removal subsections with a lot more advanced information added; solderless subsection updated; note added about soldering terminals; a little more information on terminals added; joystick connection subsection modified in reference to commons; note that X-Arcade PCB lags a lot added; Multiple PCBs subsection added.

* Material & Decoration - Notes on resilience in metal added; image of and more information on various metal alloys added; note that car finishes can be used on many things added; tack cloth and sanding sealer noted; note of the general term polish added. * References - Digi-Key added; some added special thanks given to Toodles.

* Summarized Examples - Dimensions of controller pieces also now listed in centimeters. * References - Tae Young, Woodcraft, Rockler, Electronics123, and Mc Master-Carr links added. The highlights of this quick update include an update for the buttons subsection and chart, the Vewlix layout, a huge boost of my PCB diagrams total up to 43, and of course the documentation for my newest controller build.

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